Vasant Corporation Performs Investigation and Presents Consulting Companies on Spin-Wave Technological know-how for Energy Era, Propulsion, Signal Processing, and Communications.

The CEO of Vasant Corporation, George J. Bugh, Has Began an Initiative To Share His Analysis With the People today in the Form of Lectures, Research Information, Tutorial Videos, and Understanding Materials.

Texas: The plan at the rear of sharing this investigation about spin-wave technological know-how is to develop consciousness of how engineering can be helpful to the setting and to the world-wide economic system. &#13

Spin wave technological know-how is the sum of techniques, techniques, solutions, and procedures for creating use of the spin interactions amongst atomic particles that have an electrical charge, the attribute of spin, and a magnetic dipole by their spin axes.&#13

Considering that 1994, George Bugh has been investigating the so-referred to as “absolutely free strength” units, also recognized as “over-unity” devices, to establish if any of these products transferred vitality from mysterious resources, and if so to identify exactly where the strength was coming from. The research involves the analysis of relevant units with claimed anti-gravity effects. Bugh tried to establish the validity of the statements, the commonality of attributes, and how these units could perform. He concluded that a few products could generate economically free electrical power. Bugh also concluded that there is a link involving gravity and electromagnetism that can be exploited to crank out antigravity or electrogravity effects. &#13

Vasant Corporation initially posted the facts of how subject creates gravity and the additional probability of anti-gravity on Youtube in 2016. Reference: &#13

There are already renewable electricity sources that can give electrical power with out producing greenhouse gases. These renewable electrical power resources can be photo voltaic, nuclear, and wind. Although they are widely readily available, they are nevertheless highly-priced to use. &#13

A greater way to produce clean and reasonably priced strength is to use these so-identified as “no cost electrical power” units. These equipment faucet into the electromagnetic strength that is radiated and absorbed amongst the long-selection spin interactions among all issue. (A lot more technological details are in the downloadable documents at the Vasant Company web page.) These are the similar interactions accountable for make a difference developing the properties of gravity and inertia. This system is described in far more element on the Vasant Corporation’s Site and Youtube channel.&#13

George Bugh says: “About the films of UFOs taken by U. S. Navy pilots and officially unveiled by the Pentagon, these matters do not run on petroleum electric power and they are not held up by magic. The technological innovation is real and I can make clear how these UFOs do the job. I offer consulting products and services to U.S. navy, federal government agencies, universities and defense businesses as nicely to people of our allies.”&#13