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‘Your ideal to liberty ends in which my nose begins’

This encapsulation of the freedom of the person in a culture has been variously rendered and attributed to a quantity of persons, together with Abraham Lincoln and Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Paraphrasing the quotation, a man’s liberty to behave is circumscribed by the requirement to admit and observe an equivalent evaluate of flexibility in other folks.

As the planet moves out of 2020 and into 2021, the strategy of person freedoms is on quite a few minds, nowhere significantly less so than in Hong Kong.

Preferably, legal guidelines are enacted and enforced to accomplish a correct equilibrium between the freedom of the personal and the freedoms of other members of a neighborhood.

In mediaeval England, the King’s topics ended up only permitted to do that which the monarch allowed. This imbalance was mostly corrected by the Magna Carta which lay down a set of immutable principles aimed at preserving the dignity of the unique from untrammelled autocratic governance.

Magna Carta laid the foundations of the liberal common regulation, which is each a human body of legal guidelines and a process for making sure adherence to them.

Introduced up on, nourished by and practising the common regulation, although mindful of its shortcomings, I imagine that it presents the most effective regulatory technique at any time devised to understand human behaviour.

Maybe its best top quality is its capability to evolve, constantly, as the courts satisfy and tackle the shifting situation of societies transitioning, socially, economically and spiritually.

At its heart, the fundamental rules enshrined in the Maga Carta advise the enhancement of the frequent regulation, providing the touchstone of human dignity versus which judicial interpretations are measured.

At its greatest, it is a factor of splendor.

In terms of jurisprudential philosophy, in spot of subjecting the specific to the rule of an autocrat, it is a thought to which all within its ambit are issue.

This is what we necessarily mean when we say that no-one is over the regulation.

Inside of jurisdictions issue to the prevalent regulation, the leader, President, Key Minister or no matter what designation he or she enjoys, continues to be issue to the legislation in precisely the identical way that it applies to the meanest member of that society.

Every member of the neighborhood has value as a human remaining and that price is not subordinated to the dictates of its leader or some political ideology.

After this notion is grasped, the incompatibility of the lawful system of the PRC with the Hong Kong typical regulation program will become manifest.

Unquestionably, the primacy of the Communist Occasion in mainland China permits the country to be ruled with micro-authority. Obedience is obligatory and there is no discretion to depart from demanding adherence to Party dictates.

The Party is all in all supreme.

The worth of the unique is only as an integral section of rule by the Celebration.

Provided the sizing of the inhabitants, its geographical spread and heritage, it is not completely stunning that governance has to be by drive of authority relatively than the consensual democratic design. The PRC is a comparatively youthful state.

Once sovereignty over Hong Kong was recovered in 1997, it was only the genius of the a single country two systems idea that permitted these two irreconcilable legal systems to be juxtaposed in the political entity that is China.

It does not demean the PRC authorized system to observe that simply because it is alien to other lawful systems throughout the bulk of the planet, there is a marked choice for commercial disputes to be referred for determination underneath Hong Kong’s judicial infrastructure.

Likewise, prison law exercise and method inside of the popular legislation prioritises the dignity of the human remaining more than establishments.

Critical to the good administration of the common legislation is a judiciary that is independent of governing administration and owes its primary allegiance to the letter and spirit of the legislation instead than any political colouring.

It is trite to say that all rules are administered by human beings and to that extent such administration is topic to human mistake.

Inside of a typical regulation method, assortment of judges is by apolitical bodies who make their appointments by reference to qualitative conditions of legal information, experience, judicial temperament and particular integrity.

This kind of appointments are not often the resounding achievement that perfection would demand from customers and though no one is excellent, by and substantial the variety system is thriving.

Accepting a judicial appointment in Hong Kong is no bed of roses. Equally the obligation of choosing the final result of a scenario and the withdrawal from the hurly burly of authorized practice are isolating. It can be and normally is, a lonely pursuit.

A effective barrister will consider a really sizeable fall in profits by getting a judge and, regrettably, the community does not maintain judicial office environment in the higher standing that it warrants.

The current reprehensible style, significantly amongst the weaker intellect legal professionals, of heaping derision on judicial conclusions with which they disagree, is not only disgraceful but signifies a likely most cancers inside of the technique.

Over decades of litigation practical experience, inevitably there have been selections with which I have disagreed. Wherever ideal, these were appealed in opposition to but these appeals are launched on problems of regulation or misperceptions of simple fact.

The appellate method by itself recognises the inherent probable for error. That is the law’s innate system of self-regulation, submitting each choice to significantly refined degrees of investigation.

Non-legal professionals and, regrettably it has to be stated, a motley crew of people today with authorized skills on paper but perverted notions of legality, believe it suitable to concern the integrity of judges and magistrates based on the political persuasion of this rabble of quack lawyers.

These authorized sans-culottes and their mainland brothers in arms require to suppress their vicious tongues lest they do irreparable damage to Hong Kong’s best asset.

The central govt would do well to maintain the ‘Special’ factor of this Administrative Location, the excellent which would make Hong Kong so beneficial to China: the independent judiciary administering the popular legislation.

It is a very important organ in the excellent human body politic of China.

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