Defence Minister Rajnath Singh indirectly slams Pakistan for its dependence on China over roads and trade | India News

Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Friday indirectly slammed Pakistan for its dependence on China over roads and trade. Speaking at the Armed Forces Flag Day CSR Webinar organised by Kendriya Sainik Board, Singh asserted that countries who fail to protect their own sovereignty become like “our neighbouring nation”.

Taking a jibe at Pakistan, he said that the nation can’t build their roads on their own, nor walk on them. He added that they can’t even do trade on their own or stop someone from trading.

“Countries who fail to protect their sovereignty become like our neighbouring nation…who can’t build their roads on their own, nor walk on them, not even do trade on their own or stop someone from trading..,” said the Defence Minister in a series of tweets.

“Today, I am very happy to be present among all of you at the CSR Conclave organized by the ‘Central Sainik Board’ of the Ministry of Defense. As you all know, today’s program is dedicated to our heroes, whose sacrifices and sacrifices make us, and our country, feel safe from all sides,” tweeted the Defence Minister Office.

“Whether it is to win in multidimensional wars fought to protect India’s integrity, and sovereignty, or to counter terrorist activities from across the border, our armed forces have responded to challenges with great vigour. During the COVID-19 period, the problems of these ex-servicemen have increased in many ways. Despite this, you will be surprised and happy to know that even in this epidemic our ex-servicemen are not behind,” he added.

Singh said at a time when COVID-19 was spreading its tentacles and we sat in our homes helplessly, “our brave soldiers were fearless and bravely engaged in protecting the borders”. “They not only protected the border with promptness but also made supreme sacrifice when needed,” he added

“We have a very old tradition of cooperation of able people in every field towards the country and society. There are great personalities like ‘Dadhichi’ or ‘Karna’ in ancient times, or ‘Bhamashah’ or ‘Rahim’ in the medieval period are all known for their contribution in the service of society and nation,” said the Defence Minister.

“In the war of 1962, at the call of the nation, the people of this country had happily donated ‘hot wool to blood’. There was no count of money or jewellery. This is our feeling towards the nation. I am not able to stop myself from giving another example. The people of Bardhana Khurd village in Rajasthan decided together that we would send one son from each family to the border. They knew very well what could have been the result of going to the border,” he added.

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“Our responsibility towards the security of our nation, to which we must come forward with a ‘big’ and ‘open’ mind. This is our ‘moral’ and ‘national’ responsibility,” he also added.